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Today I am sharing a review I wrote on Sullivan Alan the web developer who helped me create my DREAM website!

As many of you know I had originally started my website back in 2015 when I was more involved in the modeling and fitness industries. I had just became a nationally qualified bikini athlete for Nova Scotia and I was constantly in front of the camera with Wayne Forrest of WForrest Photography. Of course I had the usual social media outlets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) but nothing that was completely mine to sculpt for my followers.

A girl I was friends with in high school offered to build my site and together we created the original ! The initial website consisted of my placings and competition photos as well as my modeling portfolio. The site was beautiful but there wasn’t much that I could do with it other than add more photos. As time passed and my interests changed, my website became more of a photo album than an interactive platform for my followers.

I decided first and foremost that I wanted to create something that would allow me to share my life and experiences with my followers.  I decided to try my hand at creating a blog of sorts, the only problem was that I had absolutely NO idea where to start. I knew what content I wanted to share and how I envisioned the site looking, but no clue on how to create what I was visualizing.

I created a Facebook, post asking if any of my friends knew any web developers that may be interested in helping me out. After countless suggestions from friends and family, I began my interrogation of everyone who was recommended. I needed someone who could do a lot of the work on their own (as my computer skills are less than mediocre). Someone who was able to work with my weird schedule and  didn’t mind being messaged at odd times, but most importantly someone who was creative!

After much deliberation I settled on Sullivan Alan, a Freelance Web Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant from my hometown Halifax, Nova Scotia. Chatting back and forth with Sully I quickly realized I had made the right decision in choosing him.

I’ll admit in the beginning I was skeptical. I wondered how someone could possibly understand what I was seeing, especially since I had no idea how to explain what I was visualizing. I was also doubtful that a man would be able to build a feminine website targeting women. Despite these feelings I pressed on in attempting to outline my expectations for the website.

I had multiple categories I wanted made accessible and specific instructions for how the home page and menus were to look. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word. If I want something done a specific way there is no deviating from that for any reason whatsoever. Most people probably would have read my list of expectations and ran for the hills.

Alan asked questions and provided information on options I didn’t even know existed for my website. He was easy to communicate with and always made me feel comfortable despite the fact that I knew nothing about web design. He was accommodating of my weird hours and diligently responded to every 2am idea I had forwarded him. When I struggled to describe what I was visualizing, I would draw pictures that Alan would spend hours bringing to life. He worked tirelessly for months to build EXACTLY what I envisioned!

If you or anyone you know is in the market for a Freelance Web Developer or Digital Marketing Consultant please contact him – I can assure you will not be disappointed!

Amber Anne <3

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